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sustanable categories missing

I wanted to select categories like Sharing economy Circular economy Sustainability

by burkh5 days ago0 comments

Posts to Schedule

More than 10 would be good and the days - for when going on holidays and the days ...

by Anita8 days ago0 comments

Diesel Engines

Diesel Cars, Diesel Cars, Diesel Trucks

by Kat10 days ago0 comments

Animation & Motion Graphics

Animation & Motion Graphics would be a great category to add. There are plenty of articles written on these subjects and its a rapidly growing industry. With the advertising and online video full of animation and motion graphics the subject would be a valuable addition.

by James11 days ago1 comment


Freemasonry, Knight Templar, Shriner

by Lamar13 days ago0 comments

Biking & cycling

Am setting up a website and fanpage plus small items in my store associated to bicycling (off -road and just for exercise) would be great if Quuu had as a catagory. very popular cycling in many US states. lots of bike 5k races etc.

by martha16 days ago0 comments

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

Diving & Snorkeling related articles

by Paul16 days ago0 comments

Change categories layout

Thought about changing the layout to more of spreadsheet layout (more horizontal)? It'd be easier to select / deselect... and other select functions. Yes? Right now it's not very convenient to scroll down over and over again.

by Robert17 days ago1 comment

Category on Ireland and Irish Dance

Would love to see a category on Ireland and/or Irish dance, history, shows, etc.

by Jessica17 days ago0 comments

Would Love a Category: On Adobe Photoshop and Design

Adobe Photoshop has been the industry standard for design since I can remember. It would be great if we could have a category with articles relating to Photoshop. Perhaps Tutorials, etc.

by Roz Fruchtman20 days ago0 comments

Would Love: Adult Coloring Category

Adult Coloring is a HUGE activity worldwide. It's on TV, YouTube, The Internet, ALL the Social Channels, etc. It's taking over Amazon and other Bookstores. There are books in the supermarket while waiting to check out, etc. It's really a BIG DEAL ;), It would be great to be able to have article on Adult Coloring and Techniques to share with my community.

by Roz Fruchtman20 days ago0 comments

New Category

Children' Health

by elisa20 days ago0 comments

Review Queue

Queue to review suggested stories before automatically posting them to my social feeds.

by Rishi21 days ago0 comments

New Category

Zombie Apocalypse

by Aaron22 days ago0 comments

New Category

Apocalyptic Survival

by Aaron22 days ago0 comments

Empty Categories?

It seems as though there are quite a few categories that have "0 articles inside". Please add more content.

by Aaron22 days ago0 comments

New Category

Zombie Category

by Aaron22 days ago0 comments

German articles to share

I like Quuu but it would be terrific if you have german articles to share as well. I also would like to be a publisher as well. I'm sure many german speaking people would be very interested.

by winnie28 days ago0 comments


I know this topic has been suggested before. I am going to be training 49 insurance brokers early in 2017 who will need some content for their SM channels. This would be so handy for them if it could be a category as per the previous suggestions.

by Sue29 days ago0 comments

Filter out keywords

I really dont want to subscribe to industry news relevant to my company and be sharing competitors links.

by Jordan29 days ago0 comments

Solved suggestions

For further reference

Signup - Social Media Accounts Manual Submission

Currently your system seems to auto-detect which social media accounts are mine. Thats fine, but when I attempted to sign up it got them wrong - all of them. None of the accounts were mine, they were other people who use this computer. Would be nice to have the option to manually enter in my Social Media accounts.

by Matt6 months ago1 comment

Customise Content per Platform

We should be able to control the type of content going to particular platforms so there is variety across my networks and fans are not seeing exactly the same stuff. For example, I would like leadership topics across my Facebook and Mindfulness across my Twitter. Could this be possible? Would mean having a different category selection page for each platform we connect.

by Hayden8 months ago3 comments

Prevent nightmare zombie posting of poor content by allowing mechanism to prevent auto post to buffer

Just had to delete inappropriate content for my brand that was auto posted by Quuu via Buffer. It isn't acceptable for our brand to have a piece of software auto post without a stop in place to ensure it has been checked first

by Halfdan8 months ago2 comments

Edit/Add/Delete Scheduled Posts List

It would be very useful if we can Edit/Add/Delete on our Scheduled Posts List

by Ronald Surya8 months ago1 comment

Stop me from cancelling...

How's this? You get some content curated and showing up for me, and I won't cancel. I came in here with the great expectation (from AppSumo) that I'd be swimming in awesome content and boosting my social media accounts with it. Noting so far. Not even crickets chirping. What's up? How can we help?

by Peter8 months ago4 comments

Hand curated content

Actually generate "Hand curated content" - as promised based on a users market and their audience needs, rather than selecting from a few generic category headings.

by Gavin8 months ago1 comment

category selection

can you make it so that the page doesn't reset after a category is selected? It makes category selection a cumbersome process....thanks!

by Tara8 months ago1 comment

Don't go-to-top when selecting a category

Let me select multiple categories without going to the top of the page each time, and having to scroll down to find where I was.

by gleb8 months ago3 comments

Integrate services like Sniply

Sniply is a service which allows you to add your custom Call-to-action button + message for every article you share. Take a look here: (you can see a Sniply widget in the left-bottom area) We want to use Quuu to build our audience. Today it's really hard to write high-quality content, but there's a ton of it out there, so curating a content that's valuable for you followers/customers gives them added value. In such a way, you can provide them high-quality content while building an audience of potential customers.

by Pavel8 months ago2 comments

Analytics Category

a category aimed at analytics best practices for businessesa

by Kasey8 months ago0 comments

Motorcycle Category

I'd like to see more posts relevant to the motorcycle category.

by Joe8 months ago0 comments

Add Europe to te categories

News about Europe, political aspects and such.

by André Félix9 months ago0 comments

UX Content

Add a category for UX (User Experience) Design.

by Kory9 months ago0 comments


newa about insurance

by null9 months ago0 comments

Sneak peek at articles in a category

On the categories page, we can see the number of articles in a category. It would be cool to see a sample of articles maybe some from the past or others currently in queue.

by Vivek9 months ago1 comment

Adding 'Email' as a category

This would be a subcategory of Marketing. Email would include email marketing: email newsletters (subject lines, increasing subscribers lists, sharing banners, mobile emails, analytics), transactional email, drip campaigns, etc. Can I get an E? E! M! A! I! L! Thanks -Lana

by Lana9 months ago1 comment

Add UTM tags to URLs shared out

Add UTM tags with Quuu on it in the URLs you share out, so we can know the direct impact of your service via Google Analytics. It'll be super simple to implement.

by Madhav10 months ago2 comments

New category


by rick10 months ago1 comment

Landscape Design

Landscape Design is the art of create out door spaces for homes, buildings, parks and beyond.

by Ralph 11 months ago1 comment

Craft Beverages!

Under your categories there seem to be no place for craft beer and distilled items. There is a major push towards local and thus the craft industry is booming. As a beer podcaster, there currently isn't any category to share with my audience.

by Amanda11 months ago1 comment
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