What photo collection would you like to see added next?

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1I want this!

Japanese faces

I serve at a church in Japan, so more of these amazing photos with Japanese faces or at least more asian faces would be great!

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Church Choirs

Pictures of church choirs singing.

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Missionary images that help tell the story of deputation and building a missionary status.

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Urban & Indoor Settings

Your outdoor shots are gorgeous, so the next request would be to add some photos representing everyday people interacting with each other in the midst of city life or in indoor settings.

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Technology Images

How about images of the technologies churches use to fulfill the Great Commission.

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Can't use keep leaving messages

Please tell me once a person pays how do you get username password ser

13I want this!

Seniors--as in older folks, not graduating younger ones

More pics of active seniors involved in church ministries. Many are doing things and they are one of the greatest, often untapped pools of volunteers in the church today. (not to mention they fund many of the ministries in the church today)

23I want this!

Fellowship images of women

Groups of 2-5 women. Titus 2 - friendships. Mentoring. Older and younger 20s-40s, 30s-50s Also just laughing and being friends.

11I want this!


I'm going to be blogging on homemaking and marriage, making time for God and I'd love to see a homemaking dynamic brought into the pictures. I love what you offer in terms of couples, Bible shots etc cuz I'll be writing about marriage and devotions. But I'll also be focusing on Christian women making their house a haven and I'd love to see shots of them working in their homes (Cleaning, organizing, decorating - even some shots without the woman in it). Thank you for your considerations.

5I want this!


While I totally get that photographing food is hard, some churches do a lot of things centered around gathering for a meal. What about different shots even of table setting, potluck, breakfasts, etc? This would be great to use for promo/backgrounds

5I want this!

More open or "white space" in photos

Love the work you all are doing! Something that would be very helpful to me as I design pinterest and social media images for myself and other bloggers would be to have more unused background space in the photos - maybe a less tight crop with images not centered, but to the top, bottom, or side? I often need to add wording to images such as a title or even a verse, so I've found a few creative ways to extend the backgrounds of images but it takes a lot of extra work on my part.

7I want this!


How about some photos that convey the idea of preaching? (Pulpit, Bible, Microphone, sanctuary, auditorium, preacher, etc.)

3I want this!

Youth Ministry Photos

Please do youth ministry photos such as youth service, youth small groups, praying, reading the bible, etc.

8I want this!

Teens serving

Epic pics of conservative-looking teens serving God, praying, witnessing. Epic feel and camera angles.

4I want this!

Topical photos

You have lovely photos but most of the time I can't use them. It would be nice to see photos of things that relate to baptism, the Holy Spirit, Spiritual Warfare or the gifts of the spirit, Things that are more scripturally related rather than just random generic photos.

6I want this!

Greeting / Fellowship

I'd love see some "welcoming" images and/or friendship images. The church is the people, and I'd Live Photos of people enjoying being together and loving each other.

10I want this!


Moms doing housework, moms reading, mom cuddling with kids, moms breastfeeding, mom cooking, etc anything moms do. Indoor and outdoor shots.

4I want this!

Youth Group

Action shots of teens playing games, praying, hearing a lesson, praising, etc.

3I want this!

Baby Photos

I am the director of a crisis pregnancy clinic, so we need baby photos, especially newborns and infants. Thanks!

2I want this!


The photos here are lovely. However, I hope that you will begin to include more diversity in these shots. Please include: black couples, interracial couples, etc.