What photo collection would you like to see added next?

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Gospel 'words'

Photos of scrabble pieces/letter art etc. saying 'gospelly' words: peace, hope, forgiveness, grace, mercy etc.

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Youth Group

Action shots of teens playing games, praying, hearing a lesson, praising, etc.

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Fellowship images of women

Groups of 2-5 women. Titus 2 - friendships. Mentoring. Older and younger 20s-40s, 30s-50s Also just laughing and being friends.

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I'm going to be blogging on homemaking and marriage, making time for God and I'd love to see a homemaking dynamic brought into the pictures. I love what you offer in terms of couples, Bible shots etc cuz I'll be writing about marriage and devotions. But I'll also be focusing on Christian women making their house a haven and I'd love to see shots of them working in their homes (Cleaning, organizing, decorating - even some shots without the woman in it). Thank you for your considerations.

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While I totally get that photographing food is hard, some churches do a lot of things centered around gathering for a meal. What about different shots even of table setting, potluck, breakfasts, etc? This would be great to use for promo/backgrounds

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More open or "white space" in photos

Love the work you all are doing! Something that would be very helpful to me as I design pinterest and social media images for myself and other bloggers would be to have more unused background space in the photos - maybe a less tight crop with images not centered, but to the top, bottom, or side? I often need to add wording to images such as a title or even a verse, so I've found a few creative ways to extend the backgrounds of images but it takes a lot of extra work on my part.

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How about some photos that convey the idea of preaching? (Pulpit, Bible, Microphone, sanctuary, auditorium, preacher, etc.)

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The images you are making are beautiful. I would love to see more "moments" captured as opposed to "posed" or "staged" shots. I realize you have to stage some of these, but I would like to think you can make them believable. I would love to see culturally diverse groups of people experiencing Christ’s life-changing presence and opportunities to share Him with others. Create images that feel relevant and current. It would help to use more technology in the pictures instead of big huge bibles. Images that appear natural, believable and optimistic. As mentioned above greater diversity in ethnicities​ would be welcomed and expand on people segments like Seniors, Executives, Blue/White collar workers, Students (College, High School, Middle School, Elementary, and Preschool), moms, and dads. I can't wait to see what you will do next.​

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Topical photos

You have lovely photos but most of the time I can't use them. It would be nice to see photos of things that relate to baptism, the Holy Spirit, Spiritual Warfare or the gifts of the spirit, Things that are more scripturally related rather than just random generic photos.

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Baptism Photos

Photos of baptisms. Adults and kids (elementary age and up)

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Easter Graphics

Hey, Thanks for making this website available. It would be nice to see some graphics related to the Easter story: the cross in the distance, the disciples with Jesus, disciples in awe at Jesus appearance, etc. As a church we are also looking for graphics that are able to span our 3 screen set up: for worship and sermon illustration. It would be great if you had more ultra wide photos. Thanks!

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I'd love to see some photos of communion elements that aren't cheesy or overly ornate (high church).

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Fellowship Pictures at Homes

Most often when creating a brochure for a church it's a lack of really good images of people together with their bibles at homes that I lack.

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I use a lot of images of flowers in my work - usually several per week. I would love to see more quality photos of flowers here! I so appreciate what you guys are doing here - keep up the awesome work!

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Seniors--as in older folks, not graduating younger ones

More pics of active seniors involved in church ministries. Many are doing things and they are one of the greatest, often untapped pools of volunteers in the church today. (not to mention they fund many of the ministries in the church today)

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Children's Ministry

Images of ministry to children in the church. With privacy laws, it's hard to use any of our own images. We need professional ones.

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photos needed of

muffins or different food dishes - ethnic foods of different nationalities - picnics

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Leadership & Ministry

It would be great to have some pictures that reflect leadership or ministry leading. It's really hard to find any photos with that kind of theme. Some ideas I have is team building shots, leading meetings, services, or small groups. Leader(s) helping others move foreword, like pointing the way.

9I want this!

Married couples

More husband-and-wife pictures--different ages of couples, ethnic diversity, and without kids. Shots in nature, walking in a city, in car, in church, in kitchen, in living room, even (discreetly) in bedroom (like sitting next to each other on the bed).

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Kites and butterflies

I'd love a picture or two with a kite or kites in them. I would also be grateful for some photos with butterflies. Both a landscape and a portrait would be awesome! Thank you!