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Understanding pricing

For each product your decide to manage on OpenVoyce, we'll offer to you a reasonable amount of free suggestions so you can see how your users are responding to it. Once this free trial limit is reached, you will still be able to discuss and upvote suggestions, but you won't be able to create new ones. To switch your product to paid subscription, just go to the "Account" page, following the link on top right. We have a fixed $20.00/mo per product price. If you want to add more products, you can do it from your "Account" page. When you're ready, you can delete our suggestions. No need to make them count in your free trial ;)

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Let your users find your openvoyce

Did you complete all previous suggestions? Great, you're now ready to go live! We've made it easy for you to add OpenVoyce in your main website: just go to your product settings page, copy the javascript tag provided there and paste it in your web page. This will add an OpenVoyce button like the one you can see on the right side of your screen, here. Note that if you want your users to really engage, you should add links to your openvoyce in your content: in newsletters, below your biggest feature, in your FAQ, in any strategic place where you think your users will want to take action.

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Bring your support team in

Do you have any teammate working with you on support? Invite them from settings page. They will receive mails for new suggestions and new comments, and will be able to do admin tasks, like marking suggestions as done, selecting official answer, etc. You can invite as many people as you want, this won't have any effect on pricing.

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Set accent color to your brand

Did you add your logo? Great! You can go a little further to brand openvoyce against your product by setting an accent color. Accent color will be used for upvote buttons, titles, etc. Go to your product settings page and set your brand color as accent color!

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