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Integrate with SmarterQueue

You currently integrate with Buffer, but that's an extra step and extra subscription for us. If you could integrate with SmarterQueue that would be spectacular!

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Adding category

Could you let me know if you are going to add a 'training' or 'sales training' category in the near future as these would be of interest to us.

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Add personal msg before post is send to Buffer

Since there is a database of content that is pushed to our buffer stream, why not give us access to it. Make us select the ones that are suitable for our streams. Make us add a personal tweet or update to that link (optional) and keep the rest of the process the same. It eliminates the need for checking the updates every day. It allows us to check new content in our categories once every month. And the result will be more personal updates in our social media with excellent curated content from Quuu. It's a pivot but I think it's a good one.

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Animation & Motion Graphics

Animation & Motion Graphics would be a great category to add. There are plenty of articles written on these subjects and its a rapidly growing industry. With the advertising and online video full of animation and motion graphics the subject would be a valuable addition.

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Change categories layout

Thought about changing the layout to more of spreadsheet layout (more horizontal)? It'd be easier to select / deselect... and other select functions. Yes? Right now it's not very convenient to scroll down over and over again.

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Poplink Integration

Poplink is a great way to add a call to action to the content we share. Just like Snipely, Poplink Integration would help us drive traffic to our websites. Consider adding the integration.

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Improve Scheduled posts

Three improvements: 1. Allow me to edit the wording of my Scheduled posts so that I can add my own style to the tweets and make it my own 'voice'. 2. Show which category the Scheduled posts belong to to help me evaluate whether I want the category or not. 3. Allow me to delete some specific Scheduled posts, if I don't feel they are not a good match for me.

5I want this! links

It would be great if the content you share via Quuu where links, so it would actually drive traffic to my site.

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Language Learning

Adult language learning and foreign language programs

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we should be able to choose categories seperatley for each account so that we can filter and control specific account related content I see this was requested over 6 months ago with no response I will not be continuing on with Quuu if there are no plans to implement this

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Overview of my categories

Today I have to scroll down through all the categories to find out which ones I have selected. Would be good to hae an option to have an overview over the ones I already have selected. and 2) To have the option to have a list with all the categories in text only (without the boxes). Makes it quicker to scroll through the categories. 3) An option to scroll through the categories by letter or other quicker ways

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Separate Real Estate Category Into Two Pieces

Separate real estate into consumer/client facing interest pieces and pieces directed at real estate agents. I don't want my clients to see "Get 200 more listings a year" type of postings.

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Replace a daily post

I'd like to have the ability to replace a post that I feel isn't well aligned with the information/message I'm trying to get across to my audience. It would be great to either be offer some additional choices or just presented with another to replace it.

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Did I miss the search box? It would be much easier to browse for preferred categories if you could at least jump to a letter in the alphabet instead of having to scroll through from the top each time you make a selection - not a great user experience.

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Not mixing content from differnet social media

Hi! I keep getting posts suggested with hashtags and twitter handles and that's not what I want to post in Facebook, Linkedin or G+ so I end up deleting them. And the other way around, if I want to post to Twitter I have to go and add the handles and hashtags myself. It would be useful if you could either make sure that they are not cross-posted or allow the user to set their preferences somehow. You need to give control to the user and only send things to buffer that have been approved also, cos some stuff is not appropriate. As it is I would not consider paying for a service that will see me having to go and check all the posts everyday to see if they are in "the right format" and then having to delete them in buffer, profile by profile, or add hashtags and handles, profile by profile. Thank you.

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First you need to improve your service before considering new features.

Hey The Quuu Team Here are my comments on the first list I received today. Out of the 10 links, two are broken links and three links on beauty are from the same source. It looks like you could identify only one good source for beauty!! I wonder how there can be broken links if you hand curate the contents. Certainly it is not HAND CURATED CONTENTS!! Please make sure that you live upto the claims you have made.

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Vary The Number Of Posts To Schedule Depending On The Social Media Channel

For twitter it's fine to have 5 new posts per day, but 5 new posts on a linked in page looks quite spammy. Please allow users the option to choose how many posts they want to schedule by social media channel.

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content preview

It would be helpful if there was a way to preview the content prior to choosing a category. I often have to delete articles because they are not appropriate for my brand. I am forced to monitor buffer at all times to try and catch something before it posts to Facebook.

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Multiple Business Accounts

some ppl manage many different business SM accounts. You should allow the synching feature w/ buffer to allow access to all SM accounts tied to the relevant categories. Currently if you want to manage multiple SM accounts, let's say a real estate broker, and a local organic farmer.... if you select multiple categories pertaining to both of these businesses, then there will be posts about farming on the real estate broker page, and real estate content posting to the farmers page... no bueno :( no we have to log in and out of multiple accounts, rather than an easy access side bar menu to switch or synch w/ certain categories to certain buffer SM accounts... i hope that makes sense ;) best of luck! -Klaus

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Keep content up to date

Today I had a link added to my queue from September last year about the "new changes coming soon" to Facebook's like button. Fortunately I caught it from the email and could remove it, but there's no reason for out of date posts like that to be used.