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Customize Meta Data for your custom links

I love that you can CNAME in on this product. Makes it much more customizable. Can we get the ability to update the Meta Title and Meta Description for each product page? When you try to share the link it comes up at OpenVoyce - which kind of defeats the purpose of the CNAME. Currently, the title contains OpenVoyce and the description is pulled form the most recent post on the forum.

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Integration with IFTTT and zapper

have a integration to do things...

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Allow upload of favicon

Just to keep things consistent in the event you CNAME in the URL so that the experience is the same. Also, it's just good practice to have a favicon on every page.

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"Per Product" notification mail parameter

Add the possibility to set different notification mail account (admin) , one for each product.

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User management

Provide the ability to remove previously invited users

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Mention Gif / Image support in your sales copy!

This isn't really a suggestion for the app, but I just realized with the new Markdown support you can easily embed images (including gifs). You should mention this as I'm sure it will appeal to a lot of people. Figured I'd post one here for people to see as it opens up a lot of possibilities/customization options for people's individual use cases.

As mentioned in the Image support thread, OpenVoyce could now be used to vote on design mockups or logo ideas, as well as for photo of the month/year type setups. It's obviously not your main focus, but might appeal to some out there.

Thanks for all the recent upgrades!

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3I want this!

add scripts for legal notices of European cookies and another services

It is necessary to add scripts to each product to include legal notices of European cookies, or to add banners or small popups or other services

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Add additional states - Planned & In Progress

We go from 'In Discussion' to 'Solved'! I wish eveything worked that way :) In the mean time it would be nice to show 'Planned' and 'In Progress' states...and then solved.

25I want this!

Add support for Google Tag Manager

if you want to add a snippet of code for Google Analytics, CrazyEgg, Prismana, or chat, the easiest way to do that is through Google Tag Manager. This will keep you guys from having to accommodate everyone's needs for all the products they may use. Add the fields for GTM (there are two) and be done with it. Then you won't have people bothering you for more things later.

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Suggestion Moderation

It is necessary in certain circumstances to moderate suggestions to stop offensive comments being added.

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Users upvote comments

To give greater context to the problem trying to be solved, I think it would be helpful to allow users to up/downvote comments made on a suggestion. This will allow people to help convey their thoughts without having to comment per se and clog up the commenting section. There could be many different ways to approach an enhancement and not being able to upvote/downvote these comments forces people to comment with something like "what he said" or "the opposite of what he said" which isn't nearly as good for reporting later on down the line.

53I want this!

Multiple Languages

We should be able to translate or please provide multiple languages

27I want this!

Add "My Suggestions" Section

Make it easy to go to the place where you've either made a suggestion or voted/replied to a suggestion. This way people can check up on their interests. Also, give them a way to unfollow that in the event it is closed or completed so they won't need to sift through potentially hundreds of interactions. Also, it might not be a bad idea to limit the number of votes they are allowed to force people to make decisions on what is most important to them. Given no limits, right now, there's nothing to stop people from voting yes on everything and making your data cloudy. Maybe give them their votes back automatically when something has been completed or denied/resolved and give them the ability to take their vote back to give it to a better feature that came out later.

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Require voters to be logged in

Having this feature will take care of a lot of issues: Ability to update comments Ability to "unvote" an idea Ability to limit votes post user (otherwise you'll just have scribe voting for everything) Ability for user to more easily track topics of interest Ability for company to compare all registered users to current client list and grab leads from registered users. Ability to integrate with existing systems. IMO this should be the single most important new feature you focus on. Frankly, I can't believe it's not already there.

10I want this!

Discussion categories

Hey, Is there any plans to add discussion categories to this forum? I know this is built to take suggestions but it would be nice if we can provide our users with categories for various features of the product. This way users can go inside each feature and upvote threads which voice their concern. The home page should show various categories like in a normal forum.

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Logo Link

Need to allow for customization of link attached to the logo. It is nice that it goes to the home page of your OpenVoyce product page however, some may want to drive that to the main homepage of their site since you already have breadcrumb trails at the top of the page so they can easily get there that way.

47I want this!


Make more fonts available in the Compose screen

5I want this!

Give users an alotted amount of votes

Allow users to only have a certain number of votes (20 or something) and they can use 3 votes on a single item. This will let you know exactly where the most important features are by allow florists to not just vote for everything.

26I want this!

Spanish language

add spanish language for the buttons and options

37I want this!

Allow export of threads

Why not allow a good suggestion and thread of responses to be exported in a simple readable format, to make it easier to display in a team marketing meeting, etc instead of a screenshot.