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Respond to reviews

I would like to be able to respond to reviews that are posted on my company's page so we can address critical feedback and also ask the user for more detail in certain cases.

One of our reviews for example said, "Implementation was less than smooth." Since this user is anonymous, I would like to be able to learn what specifically about their implementation experience could have been improved.

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Partnerships: Connect with other vendors in the HTR community

A big part of our outbound strategy revolves around partnerships, integrations, webinars and alliances with other providers that have similar target customers and complimentary products and aren't competitors.

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Purchase qualified leads

Lead gen is expensive and a pain in the a**, would be awesome to purchase qualified leads from Hotel Tech Report.

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Sponsor a category

We're would love to be able to sponsor our category to add our branding to it in some way or value add content for users (eg. buyers guide, case study, trend report, etc).

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Affiliate referral program for recommending partner companies

We partner with lots of companies and while we have affiliate tracking setup for some of them, it would be really helpful to have one central affiliate program that all companies in our industry can use with one central place to make referrals, track commissions and monitor payouts.

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Social media buttons on profile

We're trying to build our social following and would like to add social media follow buttons to our profile like Glassdoor has.

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Click path analytics

It would be interesting to be able to see user click path analytics so we could for example query to see leads or even just users that have looked at competitors products. That way we could qualify leads better and know how to tailor our pitch based on what we're up against.

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HTR vendor community lead bartering/trading

Another idea on simplifying lead gen for HTR community vendors...

It would be interesting to have a trade/barter system potentially where for example if I contributed 10 leads, I could get 10 new ones from another supplier.

Or if there was one main database that we could all contribute to then if I wanted 10 new general manager leads in Austin Texas I could either:

a) Contribute 10 leads to the platform by submitting them to the DB or b) I could search the database for my criteria and select the leads I wanted and purchase them

Just a thought? Anybody else think this could be interesting?

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Category leader awards and badges

We’re rated one of the top revenue management softwares and would like to be able to download a badge to put on our website and marketing materials.

Does Hotel Tech Report do badges or awards?

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Ability for vendors to share reviews on social media

It would be nice if each review had a social share button so we could use the good ones as social media fodder.

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Promotions and discounts to help w quarterly quotas

We all know budget season has such a heavy impact on what a hotel will purchase and it makes life more stressful for everyone including us vendors.

In other industries to smooth our seasonal or cyclical buying patterns/cycles you see discounts, perks and incentivizes.

I’d like to be able to promote such incentives right on HTR. For example, 6-months when you sign a 2 year contract, implementation fee waived if close before end of month etc...

This would add value for hoteliers and vendors.

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Certifications and education for hoteliers

We offer a lot of webinars, trainings and certifications for things like data management and email marketing. It would be great to be able to promote those on Hotel Tech Report or have a centralized place to host and share these courses.